See Orca in the Wild

See Orca in the wild from January to early April every year in Bremer Bay as we enjoy a fantastic opportunity to meet these family focused creatures. Today was another beautiful morning as we departed Swarbrick Road and moved out to the sighting grounds with dorsal fins observed within the first few minutes of arriving. Our first pod was Cookie and her family who approached and greeted us before moving back into forage mode as they covered ground efficiently. El Notcho came over to say hello and it is always lovely to spend time with this special family pod that so many know very well and have met over the years. Our plan was to spend a short time with them as over the last week we have spent more time with this family pod than any other and always monitor and self manage our time with the family pods we work with everyday. A surfacing further ahead made for the perfect opportunity for us to wish Cookie well for her continued foraging as we moved up to meet Cheryl and her family pod who were very pleased to see us all.

Approaching excitedly they all came in for morning greetings and it was lovely to see big boy Giovanni and cheeky calf Eddie who were in a playful mood today. The pod was relaxed and we joined with them for a while as they mingled and socialised before two familiar faces appeared to join in with the fun, it was Echo and Cooee. A fantastic opportunity to monitor the interaction between these Orca as Echo in particular was very excited to see B-Slice and followed after him enthusiastically as the two enjoyed a bit of time together. Matriarchs and elders of the family pods often like to catchup and it was special to see Cooee and Cheryl swimming side by side as they enjoyed each others company. To see Orca in the wild is always a joy and especially when they are happy, content and social as they were today with plenty of fun had amongst the Orca and around the Steep Point. A beautiful day out on the southern ocean and we look forward to seeing what is yet to be discovered tomorrow with the wild Orca of Bremer Bay.

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