See the Wonders with Whale Watch WA

One of the many wonders of Western Australia are our whales who we are privileged to spend incredible moments with when aboard Whale Watch WA. Today was another one of those special days as we met two curious Humpbacks Whales who stopped us in Flinders Bay and decided to introduce themselves. Swimming directly to our bow and showing off their numerous barnacles and bumps we were intrigued to see their unadulterated curiosity towards us, we may be called Whale Watch Western Australia but today we certainly felt that People Watch Western Australia would be more suitable as we watched the whales watching us!

Both of the individuals came in so close to our water level viewing platforms that it felt like we were walking on water with the whales! The two friendly Humpbacks enjoyed a seaweed facial as they lifted their rostrums to drape seaweed across their upper jaw and make sure their skin is in the best condition. Completely relaxed with our company they stayed with us for over an hour and even a passing pod close by didn’t distract them away from us, instead the male Humpback tail lobbed only meters away from us to deter the approach of the second pod.

The spectacular surface activity worked as the second pod changed direction and moved away, leaving us to continue to enjoy the company of these remarkable Humpback Whales aboard Whale Watch WA . Our wonderful morning was complete with another one of the wonders, little Stacka the Southern Right Whale calf decided to show us his pearly whites today and we were blown away to see his entire lower jaw and belly is the purest shade of white!

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