Sensational Start to Southern Right Season

Sufferin Succotash… What a sensational start to the Southern Right 2017 Season! Mothers and calves are enjoying the nursery grounds of Flinders Bay and today it was not just the mouth of this head lunging Southern Right that was open… so was ours. The swift and powerful movement from this head lunge had us in awe as we could see her eye and baleen plates during this incredible surface activity.

Head lunging is seen many times with our Humpback Whales, especially during this northern migration as the males compete for the female Humpbacks. The dominant behaviour often involves the whale opening their mouth and filling it up with sea water which will create a very impress display both towards other whales and even more so for humans! To see this behaviour from Southern Right Whales is very special and a true privilege to watch, they are just magnificent.


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