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Daily Report

Pygmy Blue Whale

Hearing the name Pygmy Blue Whale often creates thoughts of a miniature whale that traverses the oceans without ever being seen… but only part of that sentence is true! The Pygmy Blue Whale grows up to 24 meters in length and can weigh 90 tonnes making it clear that they are not miniature whales by any standard and although they are large in size their migration patterns and movement through our oceans has allowed these mammals to be one of the most rarely sighted species of whales in our oceans.

The Pygmy Blue Whale was discovered as a separate species of whale in 1966 and their history goes back to 20,000 years ago when a small population was separated by enormous quantities of glacial ice most likely causing many Blue Whales to have migrated north and the remaining Blue Whales and smaller gene pool that was left behind creating a separate species over time. The Pygmy Blue is a sub-species of the Blue Whale and because of this they share many characteristics and look very similar, however there are a few different physical traits that we can notice when looking carefully.

  • Overall body shape of a tadpole with larger head and smaller tapering tail/fluke

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