Bremer Bay Orca Experience

A beautiful day in the Bremer Canyon as Orca worked hard for their morning breakfast and we watched as the first black dorsal fins broke the surface. Every Orca in the family having one job to do as they scoured the canyon for their meal and it was amazing to watch their persistence and consistency. Small jumping Bonito Tuna had the attention of the seabirds as they desperately tried to capture one but it wasn’t too long before a few small scraps appeared on the surface creating a mad scramble by the Shearwaters… the Orca had found their morning tea!

Soon after their feed we noticed the main pod separate into three and with much excitement we watched as two mothers decided to bring their young calves over. Dancing just below the surface these young babies showed us their bellies while staying close to mum and seemed pleased to meet us. A big male Orca stood off close by and observed before the call went out and all members of the pod including the babies joined together as one before disappearing once more into the Southern Ocean blue, it was time for afternoon tea. Common Bottlenose Dolphins raced us back to the harbour and we said a quick hello to the Australian Sea Lions and guess who was having another feed… yep, little Sea Lion pup

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8 thoughts on “Bremer Bay Orca Experience”

  1. Did the Orca whale watch today, amazing. About 40 km out we witnessed a pod of Orcas (about 10) attacking a 2yo 15T humpback whale who had started migrating early & was on its own. But, by the end of the day it looked like it was going to get away, so a happy ending. The tour operators said no one has witnessed this before at Bremer, only at Ningaloo, so we were really lucky. Perfect weather. Great professional operation & you won’t be disappointed.

    1. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Hi Rob

      Thankyou for leaving comments, we were actually only 19nm (30k’s) from the coast, there is a misinformation that you have to go 70klm out to sea, which is incorrect.
      100% of our sightings are within (19nm) 32klms of Bremer Harbour.
      We are pleased to report the Humpback won the Cetacean Battle of the Southern Ocean.
      Look forward to having you back onboard very soon.
      Kind Regards
      Whale Watch Western Australia

  2. I did the experience today. End of season on a very calm day. We did not see Orca, but the boat experience was incredible.
    This is a family run boat, where not only are the staff family or people treated like family, but they make you feel like part of their Pod too. A galley of food & hot & cold drinks to help oneself to, and a champagne at the end.
    Our hosts were kind, considerate caring & very knowledgeable. Their dedication to discovering the science behind there beautiful predictors is honourable.
    Even through we were unable to see them today, they said I could return anytime at no extra cost to experience them during another season, or transfer my voucher or come on one of their other whale trips.
    I highly recommend them to anyone who believes wild ocean life is a privilege, not an absolute. Go for the whole experience to make it a good one.

    1. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Hi Cate,
      Thankyou for the lovely comments and your words echo our thoughts daily.
      It is a privilege to spend time with these magnificent creatures.
      We look forward to having you back very soon.
      Kind Regards
      Whale Watch WA

  3. I did the trip early this month ,even though I suffered from Mal De Mer the experience of travelling 65 KM out and over the Australian Continental Shelf and to the Bremer Canyon was worth the discomfort. Did we see Orca’s ? Yes we certainly did , many pods as well as Pilot Whales and Albatross . I will certainly do the trip again . The crew were so good .

    1. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Hi Peter
      Thankyou for the lovely review. You may of mistaken the distance we travel to the Orca as it is mis-represented by others in the past. The actual Patch where we see 99% of Orca interactions is only 19 nautical mile (32klm’s) from the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour. Our research has documented over the last 5 years the ancient paths utilised by the Orca to hunt their prey and they correspond with the research done by the original scientists since 1990 so we guarantee the distance from the harbour is just 19nm (32klm). Please see our Bremer Bay Orca Facts Page for the photo evidence and further information to any questions. We look forward to having you back onboard very soon. Kind regards

  4. Wow, April 2nd 2023-it took a while to find the first pod but from then on a great day became sensational. Lots of Orca’s (two pods), Sperm Whales and dolphins- they just kept coming. This must do trip was fantastic. The crew were wonderful, food just right, the commentary excellent, learnt so much about how the Orca’s operate-we really started to feel we knew Giovani! Go to Bremer Bay and give it a go.

    1. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Hi Ian & Janet,
      Thankyou for taking the time to review your Bremer Bay Orca Experience, we hope to have you back very soon, Kind regards

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