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Western Australia Killer Whales (Orca)

Shortly after arriving in the Bremer Canyon they were there, black dorsals breaking the waters surface as half a dozen pod members surfaced together, how very exciting to see the Orca were back! Joining up with the pod we could see that they were widely dispersed with a large male further out and the little ones seeming to be showing some curiosity towards us. A little while after meeting up with them the two young calves decided it was play time and in-between chasing each other around our bow they would take a few moments to look up and check everyone out.

Mum soon rejoined her calf and and it wasn’t long until the whole pod had regrouped and started moving out of the patch and further along the canyon wall, their next meal was calling. The adults moved together with perfect unison and we would see down times of three to six minutes and during this time the young calves remained mostly at the surface observing us and playing! A small oil slick was sighted and Bec Wellard could smell something in the air, it looked like the adult Orcas hard work had paid off with a tasty meal. Bellies full for now they decided to head back towards the patch. Albatross, Australian Sea Lions and a magnificent White Bellied Sea Eagle were also sighted today.

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