Southern Right Whale Storm

The sun was shining this morning and we began our day with relaxed mother and calf Southern Right Whale pod who were resting right next to the brackish water tideline as the aquamarine green of the Southern Ocean met the coffee stained water of the Blackwood River. A beautiful rainbow could been seen as both mother and calf rested closely to the shoreline looking for a noisy environment to rest in as they know if they cannot be heard than they cannot be easily found by predators like sharks and Orca. The misty blow of a large adult was sighted just to our right and as we looked over we could see a heavily pregnant female who was so wide one could very easily walk along her back! She seemed relaxed but certainly not far away from labour as she would gently lift her fluke close to the surface when replenishing oxygen levels and decided to stick close to us.

Our journey had almost come to an end as we said goodbye to the pregnant female and as we watched the storm clouds approaching an enormous submarine launched itself from the water to our left… it was a breaching Southern Right Whale! Absolutely incredible to witness as she launched herself into another few breaches and then head lunging with mouth wide open and water going everywhere. The rain had arrived and we watched the beautifully dramatic scene unfold in front of us as we enjoyed the Southern Right Whale Storm. The spectacular surface activity is not frequently sighted from the adult Southern Right Whales who visit Augusta and as she continued the Language of the Whales™ we enjoyed every moment of this special sighting.

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5 thoughts on “Southern Right Whale Storm”

  1. Siti Zaleha Sharip

    It was certainly a wonderful experience for our family. We enjoyed watching the whales and the friendly service we received, right from reception all the way through to disembarkation. Great job!

  2. Undertook the Southern Right Whale Watch today at Augusta with these guys… OMG!!!
    What a fab time we had on board with this beautifully-run, family-owned biz.
    So knowledgeable through-out with the commentary, and giving all persons on-board plenty of time and opportunity to just soak in these majestic creatures and snap to their hearts contents. We were also treated to some amazing Humpback sightings and some dolphin play to round off a fabulous +2-hrs off the coast.

    My partner and I are already looking forward to picking up another one of your tours from Freo this Sept/Oct and will be there come Orca season in Jan/Feb in Bremer.
    Keep up the awesome work x we’ll be back

    1. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Thank you so much Donie and Chris for your kind words, a pleasure to have you onboard and we are so pleased to hear you had a wonderful time. Very much looking forward to seeing you again soon for some more adventures with our magnificent whales of Western Australia!

    2. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Hi Donnie & Chris

      Your comments is what we strive for, to deliver a quality experience to showcase the amazing cetaceans and other wildlife that WA has to offer 12 months of the year.

      Don’t forget to check out our Pod Pass for heavily discounted prices if you want to do multiple tours with our team.

      Thankyou for the lovely comments, it is very inspirational.

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