Fremantle’s Best Whale Watching – 27 Whale Competition Pod

Our Whale Watching tour out of Fremantle today revealed some of Fremantle’s best whale watching we have witnessed this southern migration 2018. We were first captured by a pod of Dolphins hunting and feeding close to North Mole and the mouth of the Swan River and watched as they tail slapped to stun the small fish and had to be very quick to gobble them up as Gannets dived constantly to steal their hard earned meal. We then ventured to the west and caught up with a Mother & Calf as they were being escorted by not one, but two male Humpbacks as they headed further out past the local traffic. Then on the horizon for the second time in as many weeks this season the excited blows of numerous whales all heading in the same direction. Once we caught up with them we discovered that the attraction was a younger female which was being trailed by up to 27 male Humpback Whales at speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour, which is high speed for any Humpback Whale. The Pod grew larger and larger as more Whales, like us, were attracted to the vigorous workout that the competition pod was conducting. It seemed at times the whole of Gage Roads was full of Whales in a frantic dance to entice the female and defend against the other suitors as Whale after Whale approached from every direction as we observed Fremantle’s best whale watching on a magnificent morning.

Time stood still and before we knew it we had to leave our friends as they continued on their high speed love tryst. On returning closer to Fremantle we came across as Mother & Calf as they crossed the channel to the south, as there was many ferries and private craft in the area we stood by as they crossed the main channel and as we watched, an old pearl lugger appeared from nowhere and we were fortunate enough to get a photo of our WA Humpback Whale with calf and the lugger in the background. Our families history is steeped in Pearling and it was a very reflective moment for us all as memories of years gone past flooded back as strong as a Kimberly spring tide. What a privilege it has been to spend so much time on the greatest coastline in the world.

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4 thoughts on “Fremantle’s Best Whale Watching – 27 Whale Competition Pod”

  1. We had an absolutely out of this world experience today with Whale watch Australia. We didn’t anticipate to see so many whales and so much activity. The crew were so knowledgable, friendly and informative. We even ran over schedule because everyone was so engrosed in what we were seeing. Fantastic day and would highly recommend to anyone and everyone! Thank you so much!

    1. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Hi Danielle

      Thankyou for taking the time to leave a review.

      It was a very special tour today and something we will never forget.

      It was a pleasure to be able to share the moment with all our guests today.

      Kind Regards

      Whale Watch Western Australia

  2. Ron and Michelle Roberts

    Once again the team have delivered an extraordinary experience.
    We have previously managed to observe a high speed Orca hunt down at Bremer canyon. Yesterday we observed a hunt of a more amorous style, just kilometres off Fremantle ,near Rottnest Island. 20+ males chasing after a female to get her attention. We also saw a mother and baby, dolphins feeding and the dive bombing gannets in full swing.
    An awesome day, great hosts and might I add, not a bad boat to see it all from.
    It’s hard to believe that we have this nature display right on our doorstep. This is a no brainer for WA Tourism to be exploiting to the max.
    Thanks Whalewatch crew, for a fantastic experience.
    Ron and Michelle.

    1. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Thank you Ron & Michelle very much for your kind words as they are greatly appreciated, a pleasure having you onboard for another exciting adventure with the whales of Western Australia!

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