Bremer Canyon Killer Whale and Sperm Whale Experience

It was a Bremer Canyon Killer Whale and Sperm Whale Experience today as we sighted over twenty five Orca on the hunt and a bachelor pod of three enormous male Sperm Whales. Our morning began soon after our arrival in the Bremer Canyon as the Orca swam directly towards us with purpose and focus. Their morning was spent foraging and the family pod split up to increase ground coverage before joining again just before lunch. All together they now moved as one, surging through the Bremer Canyon in search of a long awaited meal. Spectacular moments as all Orca broke the surface and you could see the teamwork and relationship amongst them.

One of our girls was sporting a fresh wound on her back, appearing to be caused by one of the aggressive squid that they have been hunting. It will heal quickly as the amazing qualities of blubber take on the healing process without a problem. Muffled blows straight up ahead had us all excited as we sighted the first Sperm Whales for Season 2019 and watched as two large males looked to join up with the third member of their pod. Number three approached with a little bit of energy which seemed to startle the other two with a huge tail slap creating a wall of white water, the power of the largest tooth animal on the planet is extraordinary! A fantastic Bremer Canyon Killer Whale and Sperm Whale Experience today creating many memorable moments for everyone.

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2 thoughts on “Bremer Canyon Killer Whale and Sperm Whale Experience”

  1. Trevor Gleeson & Tarnya Gleeson

    Absolutely fantastic day on the 7th of January.

    Great to see the Orcas’ and the sperm Whales.

    Very Professional, great commentary and Excellent Meals and refreshments!

    Thank you very much. Cheers Trevor & Tarnya

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