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Orca Air touched down early this morning from Perth as our guests arrived and we welcomed our first Orca Flight Experience for Season 2019 for what was set to be an exciting day with the Orca. Arriving in the Bremer Canyon the Orca were sighted within moments and they were on the move, tracking east and on the hunt. A quick change of direction and all 30+ Orca changed direction and began porpoising towards the heart of the feeding grounds as we followed and watched their incredible power. The families then went on their seperate ways and we enjoyed the curious company of a big male known as Chalky and he is a real charmer! Rolling onto his back and approaching the bow he was staring directly up and towards our guests looking back at him. Throughout the morning Chalky and his family would move past our bow while interacting with our vessel and seemed to have full bellies, it was now time to socialise. A powerful male Orca is impressive at the best of times but when they swim directly at you and appear more along the lines of a torpedo as Chalky approached within centimetres of our vessel, they are truely remarkable to be in the presence of! Another exciting and unique day out in the Canyon as we observed hunting and interactive behaviours with the Orca of Bremer Bay.

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6 thoughts on “Orca Air”

  1. Thankyou Drew, Leanne and crew, this whale watch tour was very special. To see these beautiful animals in their home was awesome. To all of you who are so professional, yet so caring and helpful thank you. I felt like royalty the way we were treated. I will treasure my experience and not only talk about this trip, but highly recommend it to others. Thank you

    1. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Our pleasure Cindy and we are so pleased to hear you enjoyed your time onboard and to our family each one of our guests very much is royalty in our eyes! We are so pleased your experience was very special, it is what we strive for and wonderful to share a special day with the Orca with you 🙂

    2. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Hi Cindy
      Humbling words, thank you so very much.
      The Orca’s are the stars and the crew work very hard to present them with respect.
      We look forward to welcoming you onboard again soon
      Kind Regards

      Whale Watch WA

  2. If one word describes our expedition it would be the word…… WOW

    Our expedition started at 0545 when Orca air’s top gun pilot, Elyse Anderson (https://www.corsaireaviation.com.au) , took us in a just under 60 minutes to Bremer Bay. A well organised and smooth flight. Enjoying the landscape as it passed below us and landing on the gravel airstrip added to the adventure.

    Here we were met by the Whale Watch Western Australia (WWWA) team and in 10 minutes drove to the ship.

    Swift check in and departure and the Orca watching began.
    Once on location – Orca’s, Orca’s, Orca’s, Orca’s (almost everywhere)
    Onboard catering was good and delicious!!

    Once back – the transfer to Bremer Airstrip was quick. And captain Elyse flew us comfortably in under 60 minutes back to Jandakot. Impressed by the days experience – I dozed off most of the flight. A gentle touch down woke me up. And before you know it an awesome day was over….

    Thank you WWWA team and Orca Air!! A Great adventure.

    Next stop – the blue whales.

    1. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Thank you very much Ronald for your kind words! Elyse is a wonderful pilot and it is fantastic to hear you enjoyed your flight with Orca Air and meeting the superstars themselves in their wild environment of Bremer Canyon is simply wonderful. We are excited to hear you enjoyed your adventure and we are very much looking forward to welcoming you onboard for another adventure with the Blue Whales 🙂

    2. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Thankyou Ronald and we are ecstatic you enjoyed your day with the Bremer Canyon Orca’s.
      The Blue Whales are also a lifelong memory and we look forward to welcoming you onboard.
      Kind Regards

      Whale Watch WA

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