Humpback Whale Toys

Have you ever seen Humpback Whale Toys before? Today we had the perfect opportunity as we met a mother Humpback and her curious calf who were enjoying playtime in the resting grounds. The young female calf was wiggling around the surface and we were watching as she carefully picked up each little bit of seaweed around her and built up a collection. Seaweed is one of the favourite Humpback Whale toys found in the ocean and today it was just like Christmas as the ocean was filled with floating seaweed clumps everywhere we looked… the toy box had spilled over! The beautiful calf was having an absolute blast as she swam around and around, collecting her little treasures as she went. Mum kept an ever watchful eye over her calf and would surface every ten minutes or so to make sure everything was all ok.

The calf began to grow more curious towards us and it wasn’t long before she had encouraged her mum to gently bring her towards our vessel. We watched on in awe as these completely wild whales welcomed us into their pod and began to swim around us ever so gently. The calf would tilt her head to the side and open her eye wide to have a quick peep at all of her admiring new best friends. Mother Humpback returned back below and left her calf to continue playing with her favourite Humpback Whale toys as she continued to collect her seaweed. Our hearts were filled with much joy to watch this precious calf completely at ease and at play, feeling safe and adventurous in her resting grounds. Mother Humpback decided to do one last look around and completed a full 360 of our vessel before gracefully raising her fluke as she waved goodbye and we smiled our way all the way back to the harbour!

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4 thoughts on “Humpback Whale Toys”

  1. Lawrence and Lourdes Thomas

    Like to Thanks the captain and crew for the great 2 hrs with plenty of information and being made very welcome on board, highly recommended charter and can not go wrong as no sighting , another free trip 10/10 will be recommending family and friends to attend

  2. I have been out three times with your wonderful family and crew. I always love the time spent out there with you. Thursday’s excursion, however, was the penultimate for me. Seeing the mum and baby calf come so close to us, relaxing and playing, and then tail waving us goodbye as they leisurely swam off was a spiritual experience. I am still thinking about it. It was a memory I will treasure. Thank you Leanne, Jade, Gemma and everyone for making this day so perfect. I will be back again for the Perth Canyon next year.
    Big hugs to you all,

  3. Whale Watch Western Australia

    Thank you so much Christine and it did bring a tear to our eye as well, such a special experience and we are so happy to have been able to share it together 🙂 Always an absolute pleasure having you onboard and we love your capacity and passion for the whales, it is very inspiring. Looking forward to further adventures together out in the Perth Canyon! x x x

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