Sana’s Day with The Orca

Sana’s Day with the Orca was four long and patient years in the making, but what a special day it was! Our guests were excited and ready for our journey to the Bremer Canyon’s and it was a magnificent day as Common Dolphins escorted us on our way. Arriving in the Patch we began to look carefully as Shearwaters, Albatross and Storm Petrels hovered and we could hear a squabble unfolding… the birds had found some food. Floating on the surface was an entire, ruby red squid from the depths and the birds were desperately trying to keep each other away from the prized find. One Shearwater was very hungry and tucked his entire head into the squid to target the more accessible and smaller bits that could be easily consumed. Leaving our feathered friends to enjoy their meal we continued on our search when an enormous Sunfish surfaced on our bow.

He was very relaxed and began to slowly swim towards the bow as he carefully plucked Portuguese man o’ war from the surface and provided us with the most spectacular views of these majestic individuals. It was hard to leave this very friendly Sunfish  who had quickly become a new friend with his outgoing personality, but it was time to continue the search. Moving to the west and scanning carefully as the birdlife continued to increase, dorsal fins and blows broke the calm conditions. It was B-Slice and his family cruising back from the west and we were amazed at the greeting we received from one of the unique family pods of the Bremer Canyon.

Razor pulled away from the main pod and swam straight towards our bow and underneath our feet, rolling over to look up at us and reveal her white belly. The rest of the family then made their way straight towards us and we were amazed to watch as Shredder rolled over onto her back and smiled at us! Showing off her pearly whites and clamping her mouth together a few times which sent a mouthful of water flying as she continued to swim on her back. A very special greeting as we continued the rest of our afternoon with B-Slice, Cheryl and their family cruising back to the Patch right alongside our bow with many a curious pass underneath our feet.

A very special day for our guests including Sana who Joined the Pod a long time ago and has been patiently waiting four years for the opportunity to come and meet the Orca. Thank you for our beautiful gift Sana and it has now become a family heirloom, we will always treasure your friendship and are inspired by your passion for the Orca. The Bremer Bay Orca are very blessed to have a special friend like you♥️

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2 thoughts on “Sana’s Day with The Orca”

  1. Avatar

    What a wonderful day you have had! I just love reading your daily digests and so wish I could be on every single expedition. That shot of the Shearwater with the squid is amazing but the smiling Sana just touches my heart! Paradise!

    1. Whale Watch Western Australia
      Whale Watch Western Australia

      Thank you so much Christine and we are so pleased that the Daily Whale brings much joy to your day! We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world and looking forward to sharing many more stories 🙂

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