Whale Watching Perth 2020 Begins

Whale Watching Perth 2020 begins today in the waters just off Fremantle as the Language of the Whales™ flowed and we found ourselves surrounded by Humpback Whales. A beautiful day as we celebrated an earlier start to the southern migration this year, we are enjoying the second last day of winter and spring on the human calendar has not yet technically arrived, but with a strong heatwave moving through further north we have found the whales flooding south. The first wave of whale traffic to head south are the juveniles, yearlings and newly pregnant females. A very exciting time of the season for them as on the journey back down the Western Australian coastline they find a bit more time in their days to socialise and relax amongst friends in the sheltered resting grounds found off our coastline. Breaching on the horizon drew our attention towards a very busy area as dozens of Humpbacks moved through, communicating amongst each other with breaching, pec slapping and fluke slapping lighting up the waters off Rottnest Island.

It was Sunday social as three seperate pods began to converge and we had seven Humpback Whales mingling together. The whales were almost as excited as we were (almost!) as they surrounded us and we Joined The Pod®. One of the younger whales began to pec slap repeatedly and encouraged the attention of the others to follow her around and underneath the boat. Their confidence began to build and as the pec slapping continued she then decided it was breaching time, launching only a few meters from us. It was extraordinary to witness as the breaching continued so close and we could see she was enticing the others to follow. They enthusiastically moved with her as they swam in circles around us, so close we could hear every breath and count each barnacle! We had well and truly been welcomed into the pod and even as the two older whales departed, the juveniles stayed with us as a further four whales approached and playtime continued with gusto. A perfect morning to kick-start the Whale Watching Perth 2020 season as the whales welcomed us with open pectorals and we celebrated the beginning of the southern migration.

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6 thoughts on “Whale Watching Perth 2020 Begins”

  1. I had the most fabulous day today watching the whales from your boat. I wish to compliment you on your organisation, your family, your dog and the obvious relationship you have with the whales. It was a majestic experience and one I will never forget.

    Thank you so much,
    Gail Wallace (Christine Moro’s friend).

    1. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Thank you so much Gail for your kind and thoughtful words, a pleasure having you Join The Pod and we are looking forward to many more whale watch journeys together 🙂

  2. Every time I go out with this amazing family company is a joy but this first day in Fremantle was a mind-blowing, heart warming, incredible day. Imagine having up to seven beautiful Humpback whales playing around your boat for nearly two hours. It was such fun and so close to Perth! This was my sixth time out with Whale Watch and it never disappoints. From the warm welcome of the Sharp family members, including Alby, the dog, to Gemma’s interesting commentary, Jade’s fabulous photography, Lee’s hospitality and Captain Sharp’s skillful navigation to the places where we always see whales, it is a totally perfect experience. I will keep going back for more and hope more families will take the opportunity to enjoy the fabulous world of whales right on our doorstep.
    Thank you, so much!

    1. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Our absolute pleasure Christine and thank you so very much for your support, it is greatly appreciated and always a joy having you onboard! We love your passion and dedication to all wildlife both great and small, the whales are certainly very blessed to have such a wonderful friend in you and so are we 🙂 See you onboard again soon! xxx

  3. Thank you for this wonderful video. I went whale watching with you 2 years ago and loved it. Unfortunately I live in Sydney so I don’t have the opportunity to join you regularly but I think one day I’ll move to Perth!

    1. Whale Watch Western Australia

      It is our pleasure Sharon to share each of our journeys and we really hope to see you onboard again soon, I think the whales of WA would be pretty excited for you to spend some more time with them as they seem to love their admirers! Stay safe and looking forward to welcoming you onboard again in the very near future

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