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Southern Ocean Killer Whales

Southern Ocean Killer Whales were exhilarating today as hundreds of seabirds soared amongst the surging, breaching and playful Killer Whales. A cool breeze and covering of clouds added to the energy today as Queen (aka Split Tip) and her family pod raced towards us excitedly. Killer Whales were spread throughout The Patch as Skipjack Tuna launched skywards frantically chasing smaller prey which had everyones attention from above with birds crash landing, trying to grab hold of the fast flying fish. The Killer Whales also appeared to be targeting the Skipjack Tuna today as they used much body work whilst in the heart of the jumping schools of tuna. Breaching, tail lobbing and head lunging would be sighted before the Killer Whales stayed in the same location, appearing to pluck the stunned fish from the water column below. 

Feeding time complete, the surge began towards the west as we joined Cookie and her family pod. Racing towards us like torpedoes, the flash of black and white through the swell coming straight for us was incredibly exciting! Oreo was in such a playful mood and began to play with her family pod members as they surfaced towards us before some wresting was observed, practicing those skills that will be required when hunting larger prey items. Oreo was curiously looking up towards us when Akama came charging in with the swell and pushed her directly towards our bow playfully, we were now part of the game with this special family pod. Queen returned back towards The Patch as we also spent some time with big male Chalky, Hookfin and third family pod for the day Blade. A wonderfully exciting day with the Southern Ocean Killer Whales and a joy to see them successful with the hunt this morning and social times included in the family pods active Thursday.

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