Final Days for Season 2021

Final days for Season 2021 as we meet the last of the mother Humpback Whales and their calves on the southbound migration. Western Australia is blessed to have an incredible number of whale and dolphin species that frequent our coastlines and this year along we have met thousands of individuals. The Humpback migration in Western Australia is the largest in the world and this year alone between three to four and a half thousand calves will have been born. Cheeky, curious and healthy babies all enjoying their first southern migration as mum leads the way. All eyes scanned carefully for signs of whale activity and it was the slightest movement at the surface from the young calf that captured our attention in the warm morning sunshine.

Mum and bub were in migration mode and appeared to be new arrivals as they made their way into the resting grounds. The female was only young so this little calf is likely to be one of her first few and it is wonderful to see them both doing so well. A female Humpback Whale will only have one calf at a time so she can dedicate all of her energy and focus into raising a strong, happy calf. Today this young calf was certainly looking very happy and was curious towards us as mother whale relaxed into her resting mode once she arrived in a suitable location. Wishing them well we enjoyed the rest of this beautiful morning and can feel the energy shift as we transition into the final days for season 2021 and enjoy every last moment with the Humpback Whales of WA.

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2 thoughts on “Final Days for Season 2021”

  1. It was nearly perfect out of the water on Sunday, the very well versed crew gave us plenty of information on what the whales where doing. The drone was launched to gather research details without actually interfering with the mother and her calf. It was a fabulous day and will definitely be back next season.

    1. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Thankyou Jennifer for your lovely comments, it was a beautiful day and a pleasure to have you onboard.
      We look forward to having you back very soon.
      Kind Regards

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