Cetacean Trifecta

Cetacean Trifecta on a special day as Pilot Whales, Sperm Whales and Orca were sighted as cheeky Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins and a slinky Fur Seal added to the fun. It was a calm and peaceful morning out to The Patch as a gentle rain haze would drift through every now and again. Amongst the silky conditions a flipper floating on the sea was noticed as a lovely Fur Seal popped his head up to say hello. Plenty of Skipjack Tuna were leaping all around him as they feasted on the small baitfish located just below the waters surface. He had company as a whole family pod of forty plus Pilot Whales swam straight towards us curiously. Relaxed, social and happy they were as each individual moved towards us for a closer look. The smallest calf amongst the pod was no more than a few days old and absolutely adorable as we smiled to see that a small family of Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins were also travelling with this group.

Our first cetaceans for the day and a fantastic start as our next was to be a giant of the deep. Multiple blows lit up ahead of us as we could see mother Sperm Whales and their beautiful calves surfacing. One female in particular had the most beautiful markings on her dorsal fin and fluke as she calmly replenished oxygen for her next feeding dive as her calf nuzzled in closely to her. A joy to see these healthy babies, the next generation for a species that we still know little about their population along our southern coastline. The third cetacean for the day was lingering close by as the Orca surfaced amongst the sunny conditions in stealth mode. Foraging carefully we watched on as the Queens family pod spread out over the feeding grounds. Flapper, Stormy and Wonks approached us for their usual warm and friendly greeting as they then joined with the rest of the family pod. A very special day to enjoy a cetacean trifecta of some of the worlds finest marine hunters amongst the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean.

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4 thoughts on “Cetacean Trifecta”

  1. Marilyn Williams

    We had a fantastic time and were very lucky to see so many different species. Thank you for the experience, and thank you for your hospitality.

  2. We recently had a day on the water with Whale Watch WA out of Bremer Bay, hoping to see Orcas! We were a bit hesitant about the reported rough conditions, but followed the advise on the website and took sea sick pills. What an amazing adventure! At first we thought one fur seal and some albatross would be it for the day, but the crew persisted and we were delighted to see Pilot Whales, Sperm Whales and Orcas as well! A big thank you to the crew who made us comfortable from the moment we stepped on board till our return to port. Food was supplied during the journey, even for the gluten free, and we celebrated the day with champagne as we returned home. A wonderful team effort!

    1. Whale Watch Western Australia

      Thank you so much Nancy, it was wonderful to have you onboard and we are so pleased to hear you enjoyed your day. Hope to welcome you back again in the near future!

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