New Orca Calf for Bremer Bay

Bremer Bay Orca calf curiously spy hops next to boat

New Orca calf for Bremer Bay was sighted today as the newest addition to the population was seen playing with calves from nearby family pods. It was an interesting start to our morning once we arrived in The Patch as signs of activity in the area were strong. Shearwaters and Storm Petrels worked the remains of an old oil slick as it appeared the Orca had succeeded in yet another successful hunt sometime in the early morning. The size of the slick indicated a possible Beaked Whale and as we followed the trail it was a lovely surprise to have Shredder and Samurai approach us excitedly to say good morning. The result of consistent meals means there is more time to socialise and play for the families of Orca who gather in the Bremer Canyons. The population is large with nearly 300 individuals identified and every season a new calf is normally observed which is a fantastic reflection of the health of this special population of Orca.

The family were playful as the calves socialised and wrestled amongst each other which further solidified our thoughts of it being a Beaked Whale hunt. The Orca calves mimicked in play the same behaviour you will see from adult Orca during a Beaked Whale hunt as the little ones hone in their skills. It was during this time a brand new calf was observed playing amongst the others. The tiny calf looked healthy and very excited to be interacting with the other Orca family pods who were enjoying their time in The Patch today. It is always exciting to see a new Orca calf for Bremer Bay and this tiny new addition has been nicknamed Helen and recorded as WWWA06. Stay tuned for further information on little Wattle as we look forward to getting to know more about this beautiful new calf and family.

New Orca Calf for Bremer Bay
New Orca Calf Helen - WWWA06

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