Slice of B is Back

Slice of B is back in The Patch as we had the most wonderful greeting from the family pod as they swam directly towards our bow. A beautiful moment as Milli and Moni came straight over to us and rolled belly up for Orca hugs peering back up at everyone looking down towards them. Moni was in the most cheeky mood this morning as she would swim underneath Milli and gently grab her fluke in-between her teeth. Milli would wiggle away and it reminded us of a mother chasing after her child playfully, how lovely to see these two Orca enjoying some mum and calf time. Big boys B-Slice and Giovanni were happy to be back as they swam all around us and the family enjoyed some quality time socialising. It was lovely to also see Razor and Eddie joining in with the activities as matriarch Cheryl led the way for the family pod.

Social time completed late in the morning as the family began to focus in on foraging as they covered a lot of ground in search of lunch. Squid, Beaked Whale or perhaps something even larger such as a baleen whale would be ideal for this family pod. Everyday is different and depending on what prey is moving through the area the family pod will need to keep ears and eyes open for opportunities. Moni took off quickly with Millie right by her fluke as a few moments later a small slick appeared, seeming to be a meal just big enough for the two of them. The family pushed on and also made sure to have some fun along the way as they would cruise up to our stern before moving over to the bow belly up and loving some relax time. It is wonderful that B-slice and the family is back in The Patch and as the season now starts to move into autumn it will be interesting to observe this families movements in the weeks ahead.

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