Southbound Humpback Mums and Calves

Southbound Humpback mums and calves are quickly moving down the coast as they close in on the last few weeks of the Humpback Whale Watch migration. Remaining in the warmer waters found further north is important for the increased survival rate of the females calf. Growing up in warmer water temperatures ensures the calf grows quickly resulting in a strong and resilient youngster ready for the long migration ahead. Today a cool breeze ruffled the waters surface and as we scanned carefully Steph called out breaching on our starboard side. Approaching the area we could see big plumes of white water as calf breached and mother whale fluke slapped.  It could well have been a small shark that had bothered them as further pods were not sighted in the vicinity to have caused this communication.

Either way it appeared if it was possible predation the surface activity had cleared the area perfectly for this little Humpback family to relax and have a quick snooze. Mother whale was sleeping while her calf appeared to be enjoying a few frequent meals while peering over towards us regularly. Surfacing close by we were then left with babysitting duties as mums shadow disappeared a few meters below her calf and the little one remained at the surface staring back towards us. It was time to show off for the little one who began to twist and roll enthusiastically all the while keeping eyes on us curiously. The little one was having a wonderful time and burned off some energy before mum returned and collected her cheeky calf. Southbound Humpback mums and calves still have a long journey yet ahead and it is wonderful to see them making the most of their time in the resting grounds.

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