Southern Heart of the Southern Ocean

Today we met the Southern Heart of the Southern Ocean as a young juvenile Southern Right Whale stopped us in our tracks as she swam circles around and under our vessel. The young ladies onboard were given the big responsibility of naming this special whale and their name that was decided on is the most perfect name… Southern Heart. She was incredibly friendly as she looked up at everyone and what a special moment it was to be so close to an endangered Southern Right Whale in the Southern Ocean. Our afternoon was also joined by two young male Humpbacks who decided not to follow the competition pod as it moved past and instead stayed with our vessel for an hour of people watching as they swam around us in circles, keeping a close eye on everyone onboard and we were completely smitten with these magnificent Humpbacks as they swam so close we could see the little orange whale lice right on the tip of ones dorsal fin!

Our morning experience began with completely relaxed Humpbacks who were snoozing in the peaceful morning conditions as a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins came over to say hello. Joining with the beginning of a competition pod forming, we were surrounded by boisterous males who charged towards and around our vessel as they chased the female with high energy. Yet another competition pod was sighted and this time it was when a large male joining that electricity seemed to fill the remaining five whales who made an enormous change of direction and moved directly at our bow like torpedoes. Continuing to race throughout Flinders Bay we made our way towards a much calmer area, the Southern Right Whale nursery ground. The calm and peaceful surrounding were only disturbed by the curious spy hop and pectoral slaps of Southern Heart who had joined up with Stacka and his mum in the shallows, how magnificent to sight both species in one day!

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