Southern Humpback Migration Season 2017

The start of the Epic Southern Humpback Whale Migration for Season 2017 began today with an incredible encounter by Wobbles and her mate! Our very first whales we met today were an escort pod with one large female who we named Wobbles and her protective male escort. Approaching our vessel, they both curiously checked everyone out onboard and then Wobbles decided to start flirting with the Steep Point by rolling onto her back and showing us her beautiful white belly. This certainly didn’t impress her date who decided a few trumpet exhalations and bubble veils would discourage any further attention form us!

Once realising we weren’t trying to take his girl away from him he decided we were rather interesting and introduced himself with a few big spy hops right next to the vessel showing off the wonderful bunch of crusty barnacles right under his chin and all of his bumpy golfball sized tubercles (the hair on a Humpback) We also had a wonderful time with four young juvenile Humpbacks who were showing us the Language of the Whales™ with a little bit of surface activity before shyly approaching us for a quick look.