Southern Ocean Beaked Whale Predation

Southern Ocean Beaked Whale Predation Whale Watch Western Australia

Southern Ocean Beaked Whale predation unfolded this morning as the Orca were successful in securing their meal and celebrated with spectacular breaching. The wind ruffled the oceans surface today and we had a perfect amount of time to spend with the Orca before the winds were expected to increase later in the afternoon and into tomorrow. The hunt was on as soon as we arrived as the shearwaters and albatross began to converge fervently as a large surge of white water erupted out to our far starboard side indicating the hit had been successfully made by the pod. A heavy oil slick formed on the oceans surface and the distinctive scent of mammal could be detected as the birds frantically dived to capture the first of many more morsels of food to come. Cheryl and her family had been successful in the predation of a Beaked Whale and they carefully carried their meal and shared amongst the family pod happily.

B-Slice and Dart celebrated with some rather spectacular breaches as they used the swell for momentum and launched skywards. B-Slice surfed the swell in front of our bow before accelerating upwards and launched his full body clear of the ocean below adding a little spice to his usual party trick! It looks like he has turned into a helicopter as his pectoral fins, fluke and dorsal fin all rotate while he spirals through the air. It was wonderful to see the family happy and feeding as the skull of the Beaked Whale was carefully carried by Cheryl as she shared amongst her family pod. Kidji and her family were also in The Patch today and we had a wonderful opportunity to hangout with them as well while they relaxed, rested and resumed foraging keeping central to the main hunting grounds. It is likely further Beaked Whales will be in the vicinity as the other Orca family pods hope to replicate the success of Cheryl and her family who certainly celebrated their Southern Ocean Beaked Whale predation today.

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