Southern Ocean Killer Whales

Southern Ocean Killer Whales live a marvellous life in one of the most pristine and wild environments in the world. Today we enjoyed the company of three family pods and a couple of our favourite males in Hookfin and Chalky. The families were moving as one and enjoying each others company as matriarchs Queen, Alki and Kidji led their pod members on the foraging trail. Chalky was keeping a close eye on mothers Dot and Nicki while their two calves Grace and Maddison swam alongside. Chalky also took some time today for socialising with us as he would often approach our bow and swim directly underneath us showing off his immense size.

The families were relaxed and social today as they covered over twelve nautical miles easily. Southern Ocean Killer Whales often wander in search of their meals as the flow of currents and nutrients encourages them to spread their Orca hunting net far and wide. A lot of work along the continental shelf today too as the Orca worked shallow ground before moving back out into deeper water. It is always an educational journey to travel with the Orca as they cover ground and we learn more about the matriarchs favourite pathways to use when locating the families next meal. Food in The Patch has been scarce over the last few days but that is sure to change as the next flow of energy moves through the feeding grounds bringing more opportunities for the Orca.

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