Southern Ocean Orca

Southern Ocean Orca were busy today as we enjoyed the company of four family pods as they spent the day busily foraging and surfing. Departing the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour we made our way towards The Patch and within moments of arriving the call went out from Pod Member Bubbles that we had Orca incoming on our starboard side. The entire family pod propelled themselves towards us with much excitement as they came over for morning greetings and we soon had Orca either side of the Steep Point. Pushing towards the east it was good to see the family keeping busy but the energy was about to shift as they regrouped and moved out quickly towards the west. It was surf time as the family began to enjoy a steady momentum westwards and we were surrounded by boisterous Orca ready for some fun. Bow riding and wake riding with us it was an exhilarating journey as flashes of black and white Orca torpedoes jetted towards the stern before gliding along our hulls and ending with a beautiful pirouette just off the bow. 

Breaching and tail lobbing as they went we enjoyed surfing with the Orca and observing their incredible speed as the swell allowed them to gain momentum with ease. Wishing them well to continue their journey to the west we rejoined with the three other family pods back up in The Patch. Busy bees and working hard the Orca were looking carefully for their next meal and with focused foraging dives we monitored each of their surfacing’s to look for any indications that a meal had been found. The foraging continued but the Orca also took time to relax and approach us for greetings and these interactions are always very interesting to observe. Humans will often enjoy recreational activities to relax and unwind after a hard days work and for the Orca they too can enjoy some recreation time. Often they will socialise with pod members or fellow Orca families in the vicinity but today they decided to hangout with us instead. Surfacing just off our bow and unwinding into their afternoon we decided it was the perfect time to wish them well and continue our journey after another wonderful day with the Southern Ocean Orca.

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