Southern Ocean Whales

Southern Ocean whales and magnificent conditions today as we joined the Humpback highway, danced with the local Bottlenose Dolphins and delighted in the company of the most magnificent Southern Right Whale. Our morning began with a heavily pregnant, very large and very relaxed female Humpback who had her male escort close by. A dominant tail lob from him indicated that he was wanting to keep his girl all to himself so we wished them well on their journey and joined some of the other Southern Ocean whales as they rounded the cape. A pod of two Humpbacks were travelling together when suddenly a third decided to join and these three happy whales seemed to enjoy a bit of social interaction. A little while later though and with other pods nearby one of the whales decided to show off their strength with an impressive head lunge, tail slap and peduncle lob for good measure as he communicated the Language of the Whales™. Our afternoon was peaceful as we joined with different pods all on the Humpback highway and journeyed with them, very much feeling like a Southern Ocean whale ourselves!

A replica of the morning as yet another two whales were joined by a third and they seemed very pleased with each others company. The only distraction came from a large pod of two adults who surged towards them causing a flurry on the surfaces as whales diverted left, right and centre. Wishing them well we made our way into the incredibly peaceful shallows when we were greeted by playful, dancing Bottlenose Dolphins who surrounded us. Slight rippling of the water just up ahead captured our attention and as we watched and waited in the still conditions we all gasped as the creator of the ripples appeared underneath our feat. A beautiful Southern Right Whale that ever so gently lifted herself gracefully from the water below and we were instantly in love, what a magnificent whale she was! So there we were, sitting peacefully and completely still with a beautiful Southern Right and watching the sun set… what a magnificent moment to treasure♥️

Southern Ocean Whales Whale Watch Western Australia©15

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