Southern Right & Minke Whale Watching Perth

There are never two days the same when whale watching and little did we know of the surprises that were install for us today while whale watching off Perth. A large V shaped blow rocketed skyward and we were amazed to see not one but two Southern Right Whales. The sightings of Southern Right Whales in and around the waters of Perth are not common with numbers slowly on the increase we hope that this will change and after our three cow/calf pods last season we now have two Southern Rights for the start of Perth season 2018. The next surprise came as we watched one of the individuals surface and jumped with joy to see that this beautiful whale was a white calf that is now all grown up! The fantastic colours and markings of dark grey body scattered with black dots was clear to see and this incredible sighting of two Southern Right Whales relaxing in the sheltered waters off Perth made our day, but we had one more surprise yet.

Playful Bottlenose Dolphins and a few Flesh Footed Shearwater and a lone Albatross feeding on leftover cuttlefish were enjoying the morning when suddenly two sleek dorsal fins appeared in front of the bow, “Minke” we all called as the unique body of these lovely whales are now permanently ingrained in our memory after multiple days of Dwarf Minke Whale sightings. Sure enough, there they were with two large adults cruising together and moving towards where our Southern Right Whales had been resting. A sneaky shadow moving below our bow caught our attention as a slightly smaller individual peeled away from the other two and decided it was a lovely morning for some people watching! Around and around he went in typical Minke style as he investigated every inch of our vessel before focusing his attention on guests standing on our water level viewing platform. A beautiful encounter to be engaged with such an intensely focused Minke who even spy hopped vertically on the bow looking at everyone looking back at him… such a special moment!

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