Southern Right Whale Arrives in Augusta

Southern Right Whale arrives in Augusta for Season 2022 and amongst the many Humpback Whales this special individual surfaced as we celebrate the arrival of such a special species back to Flinders Bay. The transition from June to July is usually the time that the first of the Southern Right Whales will arrive and this youngster today was head lunging in the bay and making some noise. Looking for a friend of the same species it was a crowded bay with Humpback Whales all around which didn’t take any interest in the lone Right Whale. A most spectacular fluke and jet black body along with those unique callosity patterns really makes the Southern Right’s stick out from the crowd and it was exciting to see the first arrival for Season 2023. 

It appeared this was the same youngster who had been breaching in close to the Blackwood River mouth yesterday at lunch as we watched from the Whale Watch 1 three big breaches. Good to see this individual is remaining in the bay for a little while and hopefully the start to many more of these endangered species arrival here in Augusta. The Humpback Whales were busy as usual flooding through the bay in pods of two predominantly as escort pods made the journey along the eastern side of Flinders Bay before transitioning back over towards the reef line. There are still a few weeks left of peak northern Humpback Whale migration before the momentum shifts and the Southern Right Whales take over Flinders Bay from late July onwards. Exciting times and another wonderful morning with the whales in Augusta.

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