Southern Right Whale Off Fremantle

We had an extraordinary moment today when we sighted a mother Southern Right Whale and her calf just off the Fremantle coast resting quietly! It is very rare and special to sight a Southern Right Whale this far north with her calf and she has been using this coastline over the last few weeks as her nursery ground. During her time here it is very important to remember to allow mother and calf plenty of room or we will chase them away from the area and deter the female from having another calf here ever again and this would be a terrible loss. Make sure to always maintain a minimum (and by law) 300 meters between yourself and mother/calf pods at all times and this way you will be able to watch the natural Language of the Whales which is always the most beautiful to observe.

We also met two Humpback Whales who enjoyed playing hide and seek in a whale kind of way today! Swimming right up to our vessel and having a good look before disappearing again, they seemed to enjoy surprising us each time they resurfaced close by. We ended this wonderful day with a fantastic workshop with Michelle Fleur at the Fremantle Work Shop who held the most amazing watercolour class and after being inspired by our new whale friends painting them was a wonderful way to remember this special day.

*Please note we have not advised the exact location of the Southern Right Whale mother and calf as we would like for them to rest calmly during their time along the busy coastline. Should you re-sight this special pod be sure to let us know so we can better understand and track their movements, mother and calf pods will often move away from busy areas if they are receiving too much attention. Keep an eye open next time you are along the Fremantle coastline and let us know what you see!

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