Southern Right Whale Season

Southern Right Whale Season has begun in Augusta as today we enjoyed the company of four mother and calf pods along with a few social adults. A beautiful winters morning was enjoyed as the peaceful conditions were a refreshing change after the last week of stormy weather. The distinctive surfacing of an adult Southern Right Whale appeared and it seems this pod was on a mission. Swimming calmly and efficiently we could see the distance between this pod and the others closing. Eventually she made the distance and it was a social Saturday for the whales as they mingled and interacted together. It is always beautiful to see these endangered species and even better to see four brand new calves ranging from approximately one to three weeks old enjoying their nursery grounds. The last two seasons have been quieter for Southern Right Whale sightings which is the normal flow as females tend to have one calf every three to four years.

Twisting, rolling and having curious looks our way was the rhythm for the morning as all the whales spread out and enjoyed the peaceful conditions. Documenting these females who return to have their calves in the nursery grounds is important as we continue to build the identification catalogue for this region. The Southern Right Whale season in Flinders Bay usually begins from late July with the peak of the females arriving in August where they will remain through until October as they raise and nurture their calves in these protected waters. Watching the little ones grow and develop is a great joy and how exciting to have four bouncy, healthy new babies in the population! The females looked wonderful as well with their enormous, flat slinky backs showing off a good summers feeding season and perfect preparation for the spring season ahead.

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