Southern Right Whale Visits Perth

Southern Right Whale visits Perth for a Whale Watch delight for our Pod Members onboard this morning as the mother and her calf relaxed in the waters off the Perth coastline. It was a beautiful morning as the calm conditions and gentle breeze ruffled over the oceans surface and the distinctive back of a Southern Right Whale lifted above the waters surface. Making a gentle approach and watching carefully we could see the mother whale lift her enormous rostrum above the waters surface and peak over our way. Her calf quickly followed and had a curious look in our direction before their morning relax continued. How beautiful to see these very special whales enjoying some time time off the coast of Perth in a sighting which is not overly common each season. The traditional nursery grounds are generally located further south but this particular female has chosen this slightly more northern waters to raise her gorgeous calf and stopover in Perth to rest up before the next stage of their journey.

Grace and her team from the Fat Whales Project were able to collect data and photo identification images of this family pod and we can confirm that this female and calf are different to the individuals sighted in Exmouth earlier this season. Our morning started perfectly and completed with some wonderful time with the mother Humpback Whales and their calves as one youngster encouraged mum to approach us for an incredibly close encounter. Swimming up from underneath our vessel, the female allowed her calf to investigate us as the little one rolled to the side with eyes wide open and looking our way. Our final encounter was with a lone traveller heading into the resting grounds and looking for the perfect location for an early afternoon siesta.

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