Southern Right Whales Augusta

Southern Right Whales Augusta stole the show this afternoon as we had a perfect opportunity to sight two species in one day with both our Southern Rights and Humpback Whales moving through Flinders Bay. Our afternoon first began with the company of Humpback Whale escort pods as four different pods moved towards the reef line. One of the escort pods decided to join with us as they cruised past with the regular surface time and down time of migratory whales. They were relaxed and focused as they surfaced side by side while gaining consistent momentum through the bay. Travelling between 100-150 kilometres per day on their travels, it is easy to see how this focused movement carries them up the coastline successfully. The other pods were also all moving in the same direction and it was interesting to observe all pods giving each other a respectful reactionary distance, they all wanted to move north this evening and no one was keen on interrupting others.

The distinctive blow of Southern Right Whales was sighted on the other side of Flinders Bay and sure enough the beautiful, sleek bodies of two adult Southern Right Whales surfaced. They were the same two individuals that we had met all the way back on the 21st of June and it was wonderful to see that they had continued to stay in Augusta. A beautiful tail dive displayed the unique jet black and streamlined fluke as both whales travelled right next to each other. We Joined The Pod and both whales responded to the respect that we showed towards them by deciding to spend a few moments relaxing alongside the vessel. Lifting their enormous rostrum above the waters surface we could clearly see a beautiful eye looking directly back to everyone onboard. The pectoral fin then broke the waters surface before a big white belly appeared as these playful Southern Rights twisted and rolled together. How wonderful to see two species on the same tour and a privileged opportunity that Flinders Bay provides each season as the two species arrive.

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