Southern Right Whales Augusta 2020

Our Southern Right Whales Augusta 2020 seasons first interaction was this afternoon as two enormous adults spent some time with us as the Humpback Whales and Bottlenose Dolphins also filled Flinders Bay. It was a sensational Sunday with blue skies and calm seas as we headed out on such a beautiful morning to look for whales and it didn’t take too long before tall exhales were sighted. Up ahead we had four different escort pods all starting to congregate as they rounded the cape and began to make the journey north again. Baitfish were jumping all around us as the Gannets and Albatross dived into the ocean to try and capture a meal. Two Humpbacks began to move quickly towards another pod on our port side when both surfaced right alongside us before diving underneath and through the baitfish ball. Migration mode was set this morning and we enjoyed the continued company of two very mature adults who would gracefully lift their flukes at every surfacing as they continued northbound and made the most of the perfect weather.

Our afternoon was also busy with Humpback Whales as seven individuals socialised together, coming in close to investigate us. One of the whales breached just off our bow to show off to the others and it was fascinating to watch this bachelor pod of curious and rowdy males continue on with their afternoon. A male alliance pod of 30+ Bottlenose Dolphins were in the bay and enjoying an afternoon session of play and socialising with a young Humpback Whale who would twist and role as he swam with them playfully. Our final interaction for the afternoon was a wonderful surprise as our first interaction for Southern Right Whales Augusta 2020 began. Two enormous adults surfaced side by side and ever so curiously looked over towards us, they were relaxed and seemed happy to see us… we were beyond happy to see them! It is always a special moment to spend with this incredible species who have fought their way back from the brink of extinction. It may have taken over 100 years, but we are finally starting to see more Southern Right Whales within their growing population which warms our heart and brings many smiles to many faces.

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