Southern Right Whales Season 2017

We had plenty of fun in the sun today as we met our local mother and calf Southern Right Whales once again and they were all looking very well! Little Colourpatch and Irwin were in their usual spot along the coast and today Colourpatch lifted his very big tail fluke right up and out of the water which gave us a beautiful view of his speckled tail, you can notice all of the beautiful white patterns that will help us to identify him in the future.

One of the younger calves had a lot of energy to burn and seemed to be showing off to all of the Augusta Primary School students onboard with his big breaches, head lunges and pec slapping. They will often have a big play after having a feed of mums milk and this little whale certainly seemed to enjoy wowing the crowd onboard with his brilliant surface activity. The local Bottlenose Dolphins were also busy this morning foraging for breakfast but made sure to race over to us for a quick hello and joy ride on the bow.