Southern Rights Have Arrived!

There was something on the surface just ahead that was not moving at all like a Humpback. Flat and with smooth black pectoral fins we could hear everyone onboard chorus together, “Southern Rights!”. There was not just one but four Southern Right Whales interacting in the shallows of Flinders Bay this morning which is very exciting, officially the first resident Southern Rights for Season 2017.

One of the whales who was incredibly large decided to come over a couple of times just to check things out and then we saw why there was a good reason for this, she was heavily pregnant! This beautiful female Southern Right was just making sure she knew who we were as very soon this bay will be her nursery ground. After a gentle introduction we are now friendly neighbours both anticipating the arrival of her baby very soon. The Humpbacks were still around today which allowed our guests the very special opportunity to sight both baleen species in one day, how fantastic is Flinders Bay, Augusta!