Southern Stars

Watching the surface carefully today for a reason why this “Humpback” was so still and then ta-da… a Southern Right Whale appeared! Logging close to us and away from the busy Humpback Whales the surprise of sighting another Southern Right so early in the season caught everyone smiling from ear to ear and was a very special moment. Our afternoon tour was filled with the explosive energy of a serious competition pod as they raced across Flinders Bay and demonstrated to our guests the language of the Competition Pod.

One of the whales filled his throat with water each time he surfaced and tried to make himself look as big as possible while another chin slapped the surface and even landed on the back of the whale in front of him! The intense energy of the pod as they pushed each other trying to stay close to the female Humpback and keep the others away had us all exhausted after watching th Competition Pod for over 40 minutes. The Southern Right Whale was sighted again just behind the Humpbacks when the Competition Pod very first began and he seemed to be following them for a short while and was even”trumpeting” on his breathe out which was highly unusual and very, very interesting. The season just keep getting better and everyday we see and learn something new

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