Southern Surge Striped Superpod

Southern Surge Striped Superpod on another magnificent day as the Southern Ocean came to life with the electric surging of dolphins great and small. A gentle breeze ruffled the waters surface as the Shearwaters and Albatross glided past in search mode, all was calm before an eruption of white water began to make its way towards us at pace. A superpod of Striped Dolphins was heading our way and they were absolutely flying as breaching and porpoising took over the ocean. Always travelling with so much excitement and enthusiasm the Striped Dolphins are some of the most acrobatic of the dolphin species and today they were showing off their agility. Leaping clear of the water below we could see their entire bodies including lovely pink tinged bellies with contrasting jet black lines from rostrum to fluke. Bow riding with us it was a joy to spend time with over 1,000 individuals as they continued their search for breakfast.

Our next interaction was with a very hungry Sunfish who was enjoying his private feast of blue bottles or spicy spaghetti as Stormy likes to say! He was lovely and didn’t mind our company as he feasted and popped his enormous head above the surface. It was now Orca time as we journeyed with Hermes and her family who started out their day calmly and in forage mode. The entire family spread out the Orca net and travelled for over an hour this way as they meticulously scanned for the morning meal. Suddenly they accelerated as every Orca launched into flat out surging at speeds of just over 25 kilometres an hour. The family was flying and covering ground as all around they moved in towards us before spreading, there was no chance that any prey would evade this Orca net. Approaching the bow the Orca were channeling their inner Striped Dolphin as they enjoyed bow riding. It was incredibly exhilarating to be so close as the powerful movement split through the calm sea around them sending white water flying. The calves kept up the pace as they would group up together with three to seven individuals launching forwards at the same time, a truely spectacular sight.

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