Sperm Whale and Orca Day

Sperm Whale and Orca day unfolded under sunny blue skies as EL Notcho and his family foraged as a large bull Sperm Whale surfaced only a hundred meters away. The Orca were moving to the west and foraged in a steady and focused pattern as we Joined the Pod and moved with them. Something small did appear to be captured as the Black Browed Albatross dived to pickup a tiny scrap on the surface before it sunk to the depths. The family was travelling along the edge of the continental shelf and were relaxed as they surfaced alongside us throughout the day. It was very peaceful to watch as they worked together as a team, systematically working their way to the west and watching for any possible meals along the way.

The early afternoon created a fascinating and exciting situation as just to our port side an enormous male Sperm Whale surfaced and exhaled powerfully. The Orca responded instantly and spun around as they began to move towards the large whale. Sperm Whales are not part of the Orca’s diet and a big male of this size would not allow the Orca to get too close. He was very relaxed and enjoyed his surface time in the sun as he replenished oxygen levels before continuing his relaxed travel to the west. Wishing him well, we continued into the early afternoon with El Notcho and his family as Swirl swam towards our bow and enjoyed a curious look at everyone.

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