Spring Whale Watching in Perth

Whale Watching with Humpback Whales is often interesting as the more whales within a pod the more social or competitive it generally is, especially during the migration season. So you can imagine the scene of 12 Humpback Whales in three separate pods all enjoying each others company today which also entailed a Spy Hop Extravaganza!

This was an amazing place to be this morning as all twelve whales gently interacted with each other for over an hour and it certainly was a very social scene…like most coffee shops on a Monday morning. We also met a true champ today who we thought was ten out of ten. Looking carefully on the left side of his peduncle muscle we can see the number 10 and also a suspicious looking bite mark the right side of his fluke.


What really caught our attention though was as this lovely whale rolled onto his side at the surface we could see he was missing half of his pectoral fin! This little champ has survived what looks to be an Orca attack in his younger years and has the scars to show that he won the battle against the apex predator of the ocean during the most vulnerable stage of his life as a young calf. Amazingly this already instantly recognisable Humpback Whale also has the number ten that we hoped to be seeing again many times in the years to come.

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