Steep Point Join’s the Pod

Today our luxury vessel Steep Point Joined the Pod™ as Humpback Whales used our sound footprint to instigate sneaky approaches and hide away from approaching whales. Our first whale we joined with was a beautiful black bellied Humpback who was cruising on his own around the cape. Making a gentle approach, we got to know this particular whale and his playful personality. Behind us no more than two hundred meters away was another pod of Humpback Whales who began o swim closer and closer towards us and the black bellied male. Sensing their approach, he swam into the side of our vessel while looking to hide in our sound footprint before launching into some spectacular surface activity. Tail lobs, inverted tail slapping and an enormous breach only meters from our bow was outstanding to observe as we watched the Language of the Whales unfold infant of our eyes (and hears!). The noise was incredible as his powerful tail fluke slammed onto the surface, creating a powerful repercussion which could be heard by all whales close by. A perfect way to deter the approach of the whales behind us who veered off to the left and also capture some pretty amazing wale selfies!

During our cruise back towards the Augusta Boat Harbour we had to look twice as just to our port side two Humpbacks launched into some surface activity with full bodied head lunges and some beautiful breaching. We wondered what had caused this sudden change of energy when a loud, “whoosh” came from directly in front our bow as a young juvenile Humpback surfaced underneath  us. This cheeky and highly likely to be young male was trying to use our sound footprint to sneak up on the escort pod just ahead. Although young, his smarts worked perfectly and he managed to close in the distance and joined with this pod who didn’t seem all to impressed with their new tail! A special way for Steep Point to have joined these pods and we are always very happy when the whales decide to use us in their conversations and communications.

Our afternoon was peaceful as a light hazy rain dotted the bay with fresh water and we began our search. Just north of the Abalone Farm we came across some resting Humpback Whales and as we waited for the next re-surfacing we watched as the Albatross glided around us. Four whales surfaced just up ahead and something was very different about the two whales following the Humpbacks towards the reef line…. no dorsal fin, jet black and extremely long… we had two Southern Right Whales! A very special opportunity to sight these two species so close together and we watched on with interest as the enormous Southern Rights carefully followed the Humpbacks towards the reef line where both pods decided to take a rest. A very special way to sight both species and we completed the cetacean trifecta this afternoon with our local Bottlenose Dolphins cruising on past to say their big hello as they continued searching for dinner.

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