Storytime with Whale Watch

Storytime with Whale Watch it was today as we met many friendly and curious Humpback Whales as we learnt all about their language and incredible migration journey. It was a beautiful morning after a few days of windy conditions the last of the breeze was dispersing which made for great spotting conditions. Making our way out to the sighting grounds we found the popular place to be this morning if you were a Humpback Whale as over half a dozen pods converged. Enthusiastic communications followed as we watched breaching and tail lobbing between the pods which was a perfect example of the Language of the Whales for our Pod Members onboard to see. The rest of the morning was spent with these cheeky juveniles circling the Steep Point and we found it difficult to say our farewells as every time we would go to gently depart they would surface right in front of us again!

The winds had completely disappeared by the afternoon which made for a most beautiful time to be out on the water. The whales were once again keeping busy as we joined with an escort pod who were very curious in their approach towards us. During the interaction with our escort pod we  noticed the approach of the juveniles who were back again and showing much interest in the female. Her much older and larger male escort was not impressed as breaching and tail lobbing ensued from both the male escort and cheeky juveniles to try and gain the females attention. It was a wonderful opportunity to see the complex and interesting communication between the pods and different age groups. A superb day with the whales and wonderful to see the conversations that were unfolding amongst the pods as the communicated amongst each other.

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