Summer Cetaceans

It is summer cetaceans as the season starts to change and the last of the mother Humpbacks and their calves make their journey down the coastline. A magnificent morning with crystal waters and warm conditions as we were once again greeted by our playful Bottlenose Dolphin pod. These 12+ individuals were again in an excitable mood and quickly came swimming over to approach and interact with us. The glass conditions allowed for perfect viewing as we could look through a window into their watery world and watch as they gazed back up towards us. Play tactics continued and a rather wonderful full body porpoise showed off the fantastic agility from one of the cheeky ones! We continued our search as we approached the resting grounds.

The last couple of days have been quieter off the coastline as numbers moving south begin to decline. Today though was a lovey moment to see the distinctive arch of a Humpback and her little calf swimming alongside. She was close to the shipping channel and as the tugs went one way and the tanker went right she continued cruising in the middle and decided we were a good option to move towards. Changing her direction and swimming directly for us we could see on her back sunburn blisters, ouch! One of the troubles to be had when you stay longer in the tropical north as the weather starts to heat up. Just before departing we all sang out in chorus, “WOW” as the young calf launched into a perfect breach, a wonderful way to complete a special morning. We would also like to thank Pam Ghirardi for sending in her fantastic image captured of the breaching calf, well done and excellent timing to capture our summer cetaceans!

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