Summertime Whale Watching

The feeling was of summertime whale watching today as the sun shone down on Flinders Bay and the Humpbacks were feeling the vibes as competition pods filled the bay. Our morning began with five boisterous whales who quickly became six as they twisted and turned through the bay. Charging towards our vessel they decided to use us as a big distraction and the female continued to lead them as the rumbling of powerful exhalations could be easily heard. Another comp pod was just ahead and as we joined these seven whales we noticed that this female was slightly younger than the first and smaller than the following males. She may have been younger but she was smart and within moments she raced towards and under the bow as the males willingly followed. A few seconds passed before a big eruption underneath our bow as all the males surged to the surface, pushing each other incredibly close. The power of their flukes rocked the boat as they continued to chase after the female who had managed to break ahead. You will notice in one of the images today one of the males in the background approaching at speed like an incoming missile who quickly joined this pod. All eight whales continued to charge through the bay and make their way north once more, we are sure this female will have a suitable friend soon!

The afternoon was glassy and our first greeting was the local Bottlenose Dolphins who ventured over happily to say good afternoon. Yet another competition pod could be sighted up ahead and we watched as another six Humpbacks pushed past the abalone farm and the sea was so very calm we could sight the bottom and watch as the whales swam through the clear water. Stunningly calm on the surface but bubbling with energy from these Humpbacks as we could clearly hear every ripple, splash and powerful trumpeting exhale. Eventually some males peeled away which left the enormous female to perform a couple of inverted tail slaps and followed with some beautiful pec slapping. The pectoral fin was absolutely huge and would easily measure in at five meters in length and 1,000kg in weight! Younger adults swam around us socialising as they joined together in a bachelor pod. Our Bottlenose Dolphins were back again for some interaction and bow riding on the rostrum of two adult Humpbacks. Today may have been this years winter solstice and the shortest day of the year but we felt like we were doing some summertime whale watching in these truly magnificent conditions and company of wonderful whales.

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