Sunshine Day

Another magnificent day to be Whale Watching in Augusta… winter at its finest! Our lovely Humpbacks were out and about having a very relaxed time cruising through the bay with three juveniles sighted and a few very large male Humpbacks showing off their numerous battle scars that colourfully decorate their dorsal fins and flanks.

We met our first dolphins today on our afternoon tour who said a quick hello before moving towards an area not far off with feeding Gannets diving into schools of small baitfish and enjoying the perfect conditions for finding a good afternoon snack!

Our ID individual for today was a beautiful BIG male Humpback who was covered in scars from many of his previous battles and he had company with two other large Humpbacks completing a pod of 3 confident whales who very much resembled a “Bachelor” pod. These bachelor pods are formed when a few males get together and spend their time looking for a lovely lady to charm… as soon as the lovely lady has been found a big competition begins amongst the bachelor pod to see who can impress her the most.


ID Log
Date – 2.6.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 22 . 1 Long – 115 . 12 . 4
Notes – Large Humpback with many battle scars