Surfing Orca of Bremer Bay

The Orca of Bremer Bay were busy hunting today and with four large oil slicks sighted throughout our time with them it seemed that they were very successful. In-between hunts it seemed important for them to come over and say a quick hello and on one of these passings the whole family pod surfed through the waves towards our vessel and they looked like streamlined missiles flying straight at us and then under our bow!

The power and finesse of their movement is extraordinary and we had four individuals charging through the ocean towards something that had captured their attention earlier on in the morning. Travelling at up to 50 kilometres per hour porpoising becomes very natural as the Orca breathe without loosing momentum during these fast passed chases. Wandering Albatross and Striped Dolphins also filled our day with wonderful encounters as we enjoyed watching the efficiency of these hunters in the Southern Ocean.


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