Surfing with The Orca

Surfing with the Orca of Bremer Bay is an exhilarating experience as the entire family pod join in on the fun propelling themselves with incredible speed down the face of each swell. The morning breeze was forecast to ease later in the day and as we approached The Patch we were quickly surrounded by curious Pilot Whales on our arrival. Seeming very happy and busily foraging the Pilot Whales were only two hundred meters from the Orca who were surfing down towards us at lighting speed. Surging out of the water and almost landing on the bow it was an amazing greeting as the Orca gathered around the Steep Point playfully. Pilot Whales began to close in the distance as the Orca regrouped and we found ourselves surfing with the Orca as they made their way to the west. Queen and her girls launched through the swell as the calves breached with excitement and it wasn’t long before they were clear of the Pilot Whales behind them.

Moving back up towards The Patch we spent some more time with the Pilot Whales as they spread out and made it difficult for the Orca to forage efficiently today. It didn’t stop Queen’s family pod though as just on the other side of the Pilot Whales an oil slick had formed and it appeared the Orca had been successful in another squid hunt. The calves had full bellies and high spirits as they raced towards us and began to play around the Craig-Pro with their cheeky eyes peering directly back towards the camera lens. Alki and her family had also gathered and we enjoyed the company of playful calves Maddison and Grace who seemed very pleased to see us in the early afternoon sunshine. Another fantastic day with the Orca and Pilot Whales as they showed off their incredible surfing abilities and agility.

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