Surging with The Killer Whales

Surging with the Killer Whales today as they were successful in yet another Beaked Whale hunt as the big family pods of Bremer gathered including Kidji, Lucky and Queen. It all started with the lovely Kidji and her family as they pushed out of The Patch and began to settle into travel mode. Foraging takes much time and dedication from the Orca who will spend most of their days in search of their next meal with regular food intake vital to the health of the family pod. Relaxed and moving efficiently we felt very much that we had Joined The Pod this morning as the family moved alongside us with ease and every powerful exhale could be heard as the family worked consistently. Just ahead many further blows could be observed and we shuffled towards them as Kidji moved up to their flanks, Lucky and her family were once again back in the region. It was marvellous to be travelling with these two special and very large families, Kidji to our left and Lucky to our right totalling well over 30+ Orca all in travel mode.

The energy shifted quickly as both families spun on their flukes and launched themselves forwards as they raced with urgency. Surging with the Killer Whales we found ourselves surrounded as they channeled their inner dolphins with spectacular bow and wake riding. The males enormous bulk moved with such power through the swell that white water was sent catapulting all around them in a spectacular display. It was an incredible sight and we could see the reason for the surge was very much food related, the hit was made just ahead of us in a commotion of white water and a thick slick began to form immediately. It was very amusing to see that the responsible party for the kill was Queen and her pod, she showed today why she is Queen of the Canyons! Kidji and Lucky made it to the kill sight but quickly regrouped and pushed back towards the west as Queen and her family settled in to enjoy their hard earned meal. 

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