Surrounded by Humpbacks

Moments from leaving the Augusta Boat Harbour we were surrounded! Everywhere we looked you could see the tall blow from Humpback pods and big splashes of white water from breaching and surface activity throughout Flinders Bay. Well over 20 Humpbacks were sighted on our morning tour and if the day couldn’t get any better a gorgeous big Humpback with a great black belly put on the most wonderful breaching performance repeatedly breaking the surface, absolutely marvellous!

With so much activity around we had many Humpback pods of 2-3 individuals move right past our vessel within meters as they followed the other whales towards the reef line to continue the migration northward. Young juveniles to enormous adult bulls were all sighted today as a large movement of Humpbacks moves through the bay….VERY exciting times!

ID Log
Date – 21.6.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 21. 13 Long – 115 . 10 . 45
Notes – Moving very close to the Augusta Marina wall