Tail Diving Day

Bonito Tuna were the first sighting today as they dashed around the surface chasing smaller baitfish creating a lot of activity on the waters surface that certainly caught the attention of Crested Terns. Soon after a Bottlenose Dolphin pod were sighted calmly moving through the area and a pleasant surprise as we re-sighted the same Humpbacks from yesterdays tour!

Instantly recognising the unique patterns on the flank of the young juvenile it was nice to see he still had his friends around including the big female that popped up out of the blue yesterday. Their curiosity was still strong as usual and they seemed to enjoy swimming under and around our vessel unnoticed below before surfacing a few meters away. With a bit of bad weather expected over the next couple of days it was a perfect day to end this week on and by Saturday the weather will allow Geographe Bay to be suitable for exploring once again.

ID Log
Date – 14.9.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 33 . 28. 69 Long – 115 . 11 . 64
Notes – Same pod as sighted yesterday, ID of larger female