Teaching The Language of the Whales

Teaching The Language of the Whales takes many months of consistent instruction from the mother Humpback Whales and today we had twelve mothers and their calves all gathered together as whale school was in session. It was a warm offshore breeze as we departed Fremantle and made our way out to the sighting grounds as a commotion began ahead of us as pec slapping and fluke slapping could be seen. It was a mother Humpback Whale teaching the Language of the Whales to her calf who was enthusiastically practicing these impressive surface behaviours. Further mother and calf pods were responding with some tail lobs and breaches of their own as all pods began to close in the distance between each other. Soon we had a total of twenty four Humpbacks, twelve mothers and twelve calves all communicating and practising.

It was remarkable to observe as everywhere we looked little calves were practicing their tail lobs, flukes slaps, pec slaps and a few breaches. It was also a great opportunity for the youngsters to play as they showed off towards each other with much excitement and enthusiasm. The resting grounds provide a safe and protected location for all visiting Humpback Whales to rest and also socialise when the time is right. It was nonstop entertainment as the surface activity continued constantly and just as we were getting ready to depart three big bachelor males arrived on scene. Curious to all the noise they had been hearing the boys came over to check us out before deciding which mother whale would be the most suitable to approach. It was going to be a difficult choice with so many in one small area and we wished them well for their journey ahead.

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