Thank you Queen Elizabeth II

The news of our Queen’s passing today impacted the world and as we departed to the Humpback Whale sighting grounds off Perth our thoughts were with her. It was the most beautiful morning as a big blue sky stretched as far as the eye could see with the turquoise Indian Ocean peaceful and calm. A long pectoral fin lifted high before gracefully falling back to the surface again and the splash could be sighted from a long distance away. Arriving and looking carefully we smiled to see that one of these two whales was the female Humpback we met yesterday and how wonderful to see that she had found a friend. The next hour was spent continuously pec slapping as both whales stretched out in the beautiful conditions. Grateful to witness these wild whales enjoying their time here and it felt our whales were saluting her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 

After an hour of this lovely activity they settled in for a rest and we moved up to another Humpback who was travelling solo and also using pec slapping to look for a suitable friend who may be close by in the resting grounds. A few spectacular breaches sent a loud message to all those whales around before continuing on with pec slapping. All that calling worked as a second Humpback Whale joined and it was another successful joining as both whales moved off together. It was a most beautiful day to be with the whales and we are grateful that during these impacting moments in history the ocean provides a peace and tranquility to reflect and be with some of the wonders of this world. The Queen led by example and taught us dedication, discipline and unrelenting devotion that should be an inspiration to all. Throughout her life the Queen provided words of wisdom and courage through some of the most difficult times in history. Her life was dedicated to others and we will forever draw on her strength and leadership. 

Words of great wisdom spoken by Queen Elizabeth are ones we will carry with us throughout our life and provide great comfort for all those who knew and loved her.

‘We are all visitors to this time, this place, we are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love and then to return home’

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

May we show the same devotion to our families, communities and nation that you did and may our work ethic in life be as fervent and relentless as yours.

Thank you Ma’am for everything

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